Terms, conditions, purchase policy and privacy at Bouquet Express
Thank you for your visiting the Bouquet Express website. The terms, conditions, Purchase Policy and privacy shall explain to you how to use the site for personal information collected on the site and the terms of payment, cancellation, retrieval, shipping and delivery …
Please read all policies before using the site or before sending any personal information.
When using the Bouquet Express website or buying from it, this means accepting all of the above practices.

Terms of purchase and payment
When you require to buy a product using our site, it is considered to be your acceptance and offer to us to buy these products. We will confirm receipt of your order by sending you an email which summarizing your order details as an electronic bill.
The full amount will be paid before it is sent and the payment will be through the means approved by us. They are: the bank transfer on one of our accounts indicated in the payment methods, through credit cards, through the Mada card, via PayPal or via SADAD.
If you want to pay by PayPal, the price may differ somewhat from the price on the Bouquet Express site, due to the policy of service providers of (PayPal), currency conversion charges, receipt of funds or similar fees. When you want to buy in this way, you acknowledge with your knowledge and consent on that.
We sell our products only to adults (those over the age of 18). If you are under 18, you can only use this site with a parent or guardian.
Our main activity is the sale of roses, flowers, gifts and we do not sell or re-sell chocolates, cakes, perfumes or others, and when requested by the customer, we will provide them as much as we can with the same price from the source and add the fees of bringing them and delivery according to the total price shown in the product and we cannot deliver chocolates, perfumes or balloons without ordering bouquets from our website.
The site is provided with reliable protection to secure financial transactions and credit cards.
When receipt of a request by you, the Bouquet Express team works directly on it and then communicates with the recipient when the order is ready for delivery.
When the delivery city is determined from the site, it will be supported by the same city and cannot be delivered to other cities except where the product is available.

The policy of canceling and refunding the amount paid
When you buy any of the products of the Bouquet Express site, you can cancel the request and retrieve the full amount before 8 hours from the date of delivery and please note that when pass less than eight hours for the delivery time of your request, you cannot cancel the request and refund the amount because the processing of your request has been started.
If we cannot deliver the products on the same day specified by you for any reason by Bouquet Express, you can cancel the order and we will refund you a full amount.
When you request a return of the amount paid on your credit card, we will make a request for the bank and the process will take 14 working days for local and international banks according to the banks’ policy for the amount to reach your credit card.
The amount or part thereof cannot be refunded when:
The recipient refused to receive the gift.
There is wrong information, wrong address or wrong phone number provided by the buyer.
Unavailability of the recipient or not present and is delayed in delivery for 25 minutes.
Our inability to communicate or reach the gift’s recipient for a reason beyond our control.
Our inability to communicate with the buyer for a reason beyond our control.
When we start preparation of your order.
When communicating with the recipient and telling him about a gift sent to him.

Delivery and shipping
We do deliveries between Saturday and Thursday
We do our best to deliver the products on time and according to your delivery time when the order information is completed, delivery will take place within 24 hours after completion of the order, unless otherwise specified by you.
Times in Bouquet Express: (AM) means from 10 am to 1 pm and (evening) means from 5 pm to 10 pm and can be connected to these times according to availability and possibility.
If we cannot deliver the products on the same day as you specified, you can cancel the order and we will refund your money or any expenses requested during your purchase.
The delivery will be done when the product will reach the consignee address you specified at the time of purchase. At this point, the responsibility for the Bouquet Express will cease, and no responsibility for loss, damage or breakage of the product will be at Bouquet Express.
In the absence of the recipient or not receiving the recipient or if there is a mistake in the contact numbers or addresses registered by you, the request will be returned to one of our exhibitions and any person comes to receive it within maximum two days and we have no responsibility after that of the product and cannot refund the amount or any part of the amount.
In the event that the recipient is not present or the recipient refused to receive the order or if there is an error in the contact numbers or addresses registered by you, the request will be returned to one of our exhibitions and if requested to deliver again, this will be extra charge.
In Bouquet Express, upon receipt of an request, we will use the contact numbers registered by the buyer when the order process is completed and the delivery process will be done according to the same contact numbers, and we will not be responsible for any erroneously recorded numbers either for the recipient or for the buyer and we cannot re-order after connecting to the wrong number .If the error by the team of Bouquet Express, we will return the full amount or be resolved by mutual agreement.
If the sender wishes to send the bouquet without mentioning his name, we have no objection to that, provided that it is stated in the request notes and also ensure that it is received by the recipient because the vast majority they refuse to receive the bouquet if they don’t know the name of the sender. You can also mention any special requests in the request notes.

The prices
Our products are priced in Saudi riyal and at the most popular price at the time of ordering your product. Although we try to ensure the accuracy of all prices on the site, the occurrence of errors is likely to occur. If we find an error at the price of any product you requested, we will contact you as soon as possible. You can confirm or cancel your order at the correct price. If we cannot contact you, we will deal with your request at the wrong price as canceled.

The information that the Bouquet Express collects for you
The personal information we collect are: the name, the address, the e-mail address, and the mobile number. When the customer buys one product from ours, Bouquet Express uses this information to connect the customer’s request to the place which want to be deliver to. This information is used only to complete your requests and communicate with you and are not used in any other applications or sites.
There is no other party using your information where the site does not sell or rent your private data to a third party.
This data may be used to improve your experience with Bouquet Express, including communicating with you at times, and to keep you informed of the latest news and special discounts.

Communicate with you
After the completion of the purchase process and if Bouquet Express team wishes to communicate with you to request information or to modify the form of the product or to update your request, this is done by mail and the phone number registered to us in the details of the request. Therefore, the information recorded by you must be correct and we are not responsible when the information is incorrect.

Distribution of information
Bouquet Express may share your personal information with other government organizations or companies that help us prevent or investigate fraud. Bouquet Express does not share information for marketing purposes.

Undertaking to maintain confidentiality of information
The Bouquet Express website undertakes to keep all of your personal information confidential. Only Bouquet Express staff members or companies that contract with Bouquet Express (who have undertaken to keep this information confidential) are authorized to view this information.
Practices may change at any time. When changed, practices will be updated and placed on site.
Bouquet Express encourages review of privacy policies whenever possible
The Bouquet Express website also reserve the right to modify, correct and improve the contents of the Site at any time and without notice. We reserve the right to change, limit or discontinue the provision of any of the services contained in this site