Our valued customers can pay directly through

1- Credit cards – Visa or MasterCard (easily and safely)


2- Mada card. To learn more about how to pay, click In hereييا



3- Payment service. To learn more about the payment method by paying click In here



4- You can pay via STC Pay


When paying through the STC Pay app, please contact customer service and inform them of the payment and the process reference number in order to approve your order.

Payment code👇




5- “PayPal” website

6. Bank transfers from Al Rajhi Bank only

For customers of other banks, you can pay directly through teller cards (Mada) or a payment service.

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Al Rajhi Bank: 286608011122335

To serve you better after transfer, please send your payment details and order number.

Via Estherة Confirmation of payment from your account or by communicating with a team Customer Service

All prices of products advertised through The Bouquet Express include 5% VAT

Tax Number: 3005644696000003

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