” Who Are We”
“Bouquet Express is the first site in Saudi Arabia to sell the most beautiful bouquets of roses and flowers online.”
The flower trade in Saudi Arabia is one of the most important exporting sectors, which has grown significantly over the past years, and expanded to be exported to Europe, competing with its counterparts from other countries, where Saudi Arabia exported more than 1800 tons of natural flowers that were exported to foreign markets and included the export countries gulf countries and some Arab, Asian and European countries with a production of 19 million flowers annually.
With the great boom in the flower trade, Bokeh Express began as the first site in Saudi Arabia specialized in the sale and delivery of flowers and flowers in Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar and Medina, where the idea of the site began in November 2011 as the first website in Saudi Arabia specialized in the sale of flowers and flowers online.

Prior to the establishment of the website, Bokeh Express has been working in the field of roses and flowers on the ground since 2003 at its headquarters in Riyadh.

بوكيه اكسبرس


“Bokeh Express” is a Saudi institution licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry with a commercial record No. 1010406072 in the sale and marketing of flowers and natural roses and retail and wholesale in flowers and ornamental plants.
Bouquet Express is an officially registered trademark of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
“Bokeh Express” took on the task of bringing joy to the hearts of people and facilitating the process of buying and delivering flowers easily and easily.
“Bokeh Express” accepts payment by several means through credit cards, Weston Union, PayPal, bank transfer and payment service.

“What sets us apart”
One of the most important features of “Bokeh Express” is the speed in completing the order where it is processed within 6 hours at most with accuracy and mastery and delivery within 24 hours and also provideflowers and natural flowers every day in all branches.
Bouquet Express provides everything that is new in the world of roses, in addition to helping you write beautiful phrases attached, send the bouquet at the right time, adhere to product quality, and easy to purchase through electronic means.
Bokeh Express has a full team of flowers and flowers who are trained and qualified in their own countries and have excellent and practical experience in coordinating flowers and gifts in general.

Bokeh Express is interested in selling and marketing roses online in order to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction for our customers and the trust of our suppliers.
Pioneering the sale of natural rose products in Saudi Arabia through the use of the latest electronic means.
1- The obligation to ensure the quality of our products.
2- Commitment to the diversity and modernization of our products.
3. Commitment to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.
4- The obligation to facilitate the purchase process through electronic means



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